Make a teacher for yourself

I suggested and requested, with a request of the soul (and beyond, but at the moment I don't have a more suitable expression) that this should be publicized everywhere - that it would be worthwhile and very proper for every Jewish man and woman and child to fulfill the instruction of the Mishna, asei lecha rav, make a teacher for yourself - and go to him from time to time in order to ascertain where you stand with regard to your avodas Hashem.

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  1. # 05.11.2006 09:34 Chaya says:

    And how to do this in real life? How to find the Rav, you are comfortable to ask any question you need, and who whould like to spend his time for you?

  2. # 05.11.2006 09:35 says:

    Chaya, you have to look for this person.

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