The impact of Jewish and Chassidic dates on world events
Chassidus explains that any action directed to spread Torah and Chassidic teachings brings light and holiness to the world and cleanses everything that can be cleansed and rectifies whatever is rectifiable. → read more
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Shabbaton Lake Yamanaka 5771 Chabad Tokyo
All the guests stayed in bungalows in the woods near LakeYamanaka. The scenery was breathtaking. The meals and prayers were held in a big cabin lodge. → read more
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Haiti: mother named her son Israel
Doctor Shir, who works at Hadassah, delivered the first healthy baby in the Israeli hospital. The mother told Dr. Shir that she would name her son Israel. → read more
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The Japan Times about Chabad of Japan
The Japan Times, featured a fantastic article written by Daniel Robson, about the Chabad House. It describes many of the activities and acts of kindness that Chabad House does on an ongoing basis. → read more
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Google Earth, Israel and… Moses
Amazing thing you can see on your computers using Google Earth program. If you look closely at the video, right next to Israel's terrain you can see the figure of a man, supposedly Moses, carefully looking at the Promised Land. → read more
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Two souls
There is season for throwing thoughts. Quiet lightenings without thunder. Piercing storming oceans of my heart. Reaching world that lies beyond and under. → read more
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Jewish Ledger Reports on Matisyahu
The following article appeared in The Ledger, an independent Jewish Newspaper. The article follows Matisyahu’s journey through life, including his relationship with The Shliach of Washington square Rabbi Yakov Bankhalter, and Matis' recent rise to stardom. → read more
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King without his Crown
What's this feeling? My love will rip a hole through the ceiling. I give myself to you from the essence of my being. And I sing to my God this song of love and healing. I want Moshiach now and it's time to starts revealing/. → read more
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