The day of birth atones the day of death
On the same day, Zev's father, who lived in America, passed away in the morning, and Zev immediately flew to the funeral. His son-in-law wrote to the Rebbe... → read more
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The Unemployed Eye Doctor
With the coming of the Redemption, all physicians will find themselves unemployed. The reason for that is that all people will be healed and will stop falling sick. → read more
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Did Yeshayahu Predict Computers?
Now, finally, Torah has come to the world of inanimate objects – i.e., computers, which are made up of metal and plastic. → read more
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‘In G-d We Trust’ going up at South Dakota public schools
When students return to public schools across South Dakota this fall, they should expect to see a new message on display: “In G-d We Trust.” → read more
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Rabbi Avtzon Delivers Prayer in US Congress
On Thursday, 22 Tammuz, the world watched Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati, proudly deliver the Rebbe’s message from the podium of the United States House of Representatives. → read more
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Building the Beis Hamikdash
As the Rebbe said in his Sichos, by transforming our home into a mikdash me’at (miniature sanctuary), making it a place of Torah study and prayer. → read more
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A King for Today
It is a positive commandment — one of the 613 — to appoint a Jewish king. → read more
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Anticipating the Coming of Moshiach
One of the principles of our faith is to believe in Moshiach — and not only to believe in Moshiach, but to anticipate his coming every single day. → read more
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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?
A man is attracted to a woman and vice versa. They find the ensuing relationship very fulfilling and meaningful so they decide to marry, and as life passes and becomes busy they forget the initial excitement. The resulting crisis could be avoided if men and women realize they are different and learn how to react to each other’s weaknesses effectively. → read more
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The Soul: Oil, Wick & Two Flames in a Lamp
“The soul of man is the lamp of G-d” is what the wisest of men, king Shlomo, said. Centuries later, Rabbi Dovber of Lubavitch expounded on this theme and masterfully explained how the various aspects of the lamp – the oil, the wick, the fire and the earthenware lamp itself are the perfect way to describe the various aspects of the Jewish soul. → read more
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True Psychotherapy: The Giving Method
All too often, people spend years in therapy wallowing in their past failures, blaming anyone and everyone for what went wrong in their lives. This approach in psychotherapy is doomed from the start, because mental health is not dependent on what the world gives you, but on what you give the world. → read more
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According to Rambam, Jews and non-Jews have identical souls, which of course comes across as very surprising to most of us. But this stems from having a very simplistic understanding of the Rambam. → read more
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President Trump: "America Is A Nation That Believes In Redemption"
President Donald J. Trump speaks about excessive sentencing and criminal justice reform during his third annual State of the Union address, saying that "America is a nation that believes in redemption." → read more
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Rational Giving
This lesson seems so obvious as it pertains to bacteria, yet as human beings, we find it very difficult to learn. → read more
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Could the Pope Have Saved Jews During the Holocaust?
Does she not know of the terrible tragedy of the millions of Jews who were savagely put to death by the Germans and their cohorts, while the rest of the world the gentiles looked on with complete indifference? → read more
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