The United States Eliminates a Terrorist, an Enemy of Israel
The terrorist was eliminated by an order of US President Donald Trump via a drone missile strike around the Baghdad Airport. → read more
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We Have Been Victorious. A chronology of the “Matter of the Books” Story
Since then, we celebrate this day as a great holiday. This is a victory day of the light of Hasidism over the forces of darkness, when we prevailed — “Didan nozach”. → read more
05.01.2020 | Views: 89 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 3
A sea change for Israel’s benefit in Britain
The downfall of the Labor Party as a result of the election is a great miracle for the benefit of the Jewish people. The antisemitic positions of the party have been a serious concern for the British Jewry. → read more
29.12.2019 | Views: 117 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 3
Lebanon is facing an economic collapse. US and France refuse to help...
In recent years, Lebanon has undergone a consistent process of economic deterioration. → read more
12.12.2019 | Views: 126 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 4
Amazing Prophecy About the Situation in Israel
This amazing prophecy that sheds light on our current situation in which there has been no elected government in Israel for a long time. → read more
09.12.2019 | Views: 156 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 5
Protesters in Iraq Set Fire to the Iranian Consulate
The protesters have also blocked access to the Iraqi company responsible for oil production in the south. → read more
04.12.2019 | Views: 162 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 4
Silent Revolutions in Our Time
First and foremost, we see a change in Russia... After more than seventy years of rule by a powerful regime which cast fear into the heart of every citizen of the country, there has been radical change. → read more
03.12.2019 | Views: 171 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 6
Huge demonstrations in Iraq and Lebanon
The astonishing situation in the above countries – where the masses are turning against Iran and its advocates – is a visible miracle in favor of Israel at this time, when there is hostility with Iran. → read more
01.12.2019 | Views: 157 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 5
And the Nations Will Say
“A great thing G-d has performed for us” — specifically for us and for no one else! And why is that? On the account of our being joyful. Everything will be done in the merit of our celebration. → read more
01.12.2019 | Views: 118 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 5
Avraham and Keturah
It may be suggested that the six sons Keturah bore to Abraham represent six negative traits that can and must be transformed into the superior service of Ketores. → read more
21.11.2019 | Views: 174 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 2
How the Rebbe Rashab annulled a decree
One winter evening, several people wearing warm fur coats appeared on a deserted street and one by one entered a large building. This was a gathering of the leaders of “Enlightenment” for a secret meeting. → read more
20.11.2019 | Views: 160 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 4
The day of birth atones the day of death
On the same day, Zev's father, who lived in America, passed away in the morning, and Zev immediately flew to the funeral. His son-in-law wrote to the Rebbe... → read more
12.11.2019 | Views: 149 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 5
The Unemployed Eye Doctor
With the coming of the Redemption, all physicians will find themselves unemployed. The reason for that is that all people will be healed and will stop falling sick. → read more
04.11.2019 | Views: 142 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 3
Did Yeshayahu Predict Computers?
Now, finally, Torah has come to the world of inanimate objects – i.e., computers, which are made up of metal and plastic. → read more
11.09.2019 | Views: 178 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 3
‘In G-d We Trust’ going up at South Dakota public schools
When students return to public schools across South Dakota this fall, they should expect to see a new message on display: “In G-d We Trust.” → read more
29.07.2019 | Views: 154 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 3

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